The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History review – ‘enthralling’ | Books | The Observer We live in an age of addictive self-portraiture – except that the selfies who so unstoppably document the busy banality of their lives aren’t really making portraits, and it’s unclear whether there is a distinct individual self behind their lookalike grins. A […]


Black Death skeletons unearthed by Crossrail project BBC News – Skeletons unearthed in London Crossrail excavations are Black Death victims from the great pandemic of the 14th Century, forensic tests indicate.


Letter signed by Joseph Stalin sells for $4,500 | AbeBooks’ Reading Copy A letter signed Russian dictator Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) has sold for $4,500 on AbeBooks.


BBC – Culture – Ten of the world’s most beautiful bookshops BBC has compiled a short slideshow of ten of the most visually beautiful and stunning bookstores from around the globe. 


We Made It Happen | Our Victory Over Communism Twenty-five years ago, we made it happen. We defeated communism. This blog celebrates that victory and pays tribute to our heroes who fought for our freedom and brought the Iron Curtain down. Celebrate with us! Tell us your own story or one from your family. Perhaps you […]


Part of the Seuso Treasure Recovered by Hungary Hungary unveiled today seven pieces of the famed Seuso-treasure, the most significant late Roman find of goldsmith works ever found in excavations. The seven decorated pitchers, platters and bowls were unveiled by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán today in the Parliament of Hungary. It was announced that this […]


What medieval Europe did with its teenagers Today, there’s often a perception that Asian children are given a hard time by their parents. But a few hundred years ago northern Europe took a particularly harsh line, sending children away to live and work in someone else’s home. Not surprisingly, the children didn’t always like it.