Marking 150 Years Since the Surrender of the Confederate Army at Appomattox

This past week marked 150 years since General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Confederate Army at Appomattox on April 9, 1865. The American Civil War was an event of paramount importance to the formation of the modern United States, with remnants of social and racial division still present in relations between African Americans and Caucasians to […]

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Wishing you all a Happy Easter

Hello Everyone, Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends. May you celebrate this time of the year with peace and goodwill in your heart. Safe travels to all those who will be crossing oceans and countries to meet with family. And, for the kid in us all: have a fun Easter […]

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Renowned Hungarian Corvinian manuscripts digitized

The Vatican Library has recently made available as part of is mass digitization program, a set of beautiful manuscripts from the renowned Hungarian Renaissance King Matthias Corvinus. The world famous Bibliotheca Corviniana, the library of Matthias Corvinus (1458-1490), rivaled only the Vatican collection with 2000-3000 volumes of exquisite examples of humanist works, Greek, and Latin texts […]

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