Please consider signing this petition to reinstate Székely autonomy in Transylvania. The ongoing discrimination of Hungarian minorities in Romania must be ended through greater devolution of powers to the Székely people. More than 90 years ago, this right was unjustly appropriated from Hungarian minorities. It has been the desired goal of Romanian administrations to diminish […]

Saturday, June 8 2013 – Alison Richard Building, SG1, University of Cambridge Organized by the Violence & Conflict History Graduate Workshop, this one-day, inter-disciplinary graduate symposium aims to bring together scholars from both the UK and abroad to explore the ways in which the language, logic, and practices of violence and conflict have historically shaped conceptions […]

Please do tune in to CBC Ideas’ recent interview with Anne Applebaum regarding her newest publication: “Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956.” Ms. Applebaum speaks to the crushing communist takeover in Eastern Europe and the profound and shattering effect the war and totalitarianism had on the lives of millions. It is important that we do […]