CBC Ideas – Vasari’s Most Eminent Lives

CBC Ideas has aired an excellent program on Giorgio Vasari ‘Lives’ and the influence of Vasari’s work on the conception of art and artists.  Vasari is a personal favourite of mine having designed the Uffizi Loggia and the ceiling of Florence’s Duomo among a host of other fantastic artistic and architectural gems. In the mid-1500s, Giorgio Vasari’s short biographies created […]

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Tribute to Liberty – Remembering the Victims of Communism

Tribute to Liberty’s mission is to establish a Canadian memorial to victims of Communism. In September 2009, the National Capital Commission approved the Memorial to Victims of Communism—Canada, a Land of Refuge to be built on National Capital Region land (adjacent to Library and Archives Canada). Please consider donating or supporting this cause. The horrors of Communism, and the totalitarian regimes’ […]

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2013 Arctic Frontiers Conference

This year’s Arctic Frontiers Conference will be held in Tromso, Norway from January 20-25, 2013. Arctic Frontiers remains the most influential pan-arctic conference for leading experts, academics, scientists, and lay individuals. Having worked for several years at the forefront of Canada’s Arctic strategy and Northern issues, Arctic Frontiers is an ideal forum for the discussion, […]

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