Visit the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection for access to over 33,000 historical maps and images online. Although the primary focus of the collection is rare 18th and 19th century maps of the Americas, all regions are represented and available in varying formats. Please feel free to have a look at this wonderful historical collection.

There is a relatively new online project entitled “The Endangered Languages Project” which has begun the daunting yet highly relevant task of compiling information on the worlds endangered and threatened languages. The need to protect languages, and by extension the many associated cultures, is of crucial importance to preserving the most fundamental component of numerous peoples and histories […]

There are several upcoming Medieval/History conferences that I wish to mention for those who are interested. 1) Unum Verum Bonum – International Colloquim on Medieval Philosophy Centre for Philosophy, University of Lisbon (April 4-6, 2013) Please consult their website for the Call for Papers (due Oct., 2012) at: 2) 34th Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum […]

Krystyna Cap has compiled an excellent article for Heritage Toronto detailing the history of the Hungarian community in Toronto.  The Hungarian community has, throughout its history, endeavoured to maintain a strong, vibrant, and sustainable Magyar community that caters to Toronto 50,000 or more Hungarians. While a distinct Hungarian part of Toronto has greatly diminished over the […]

A new program initiated this year by the Kossuth Foundation, the Balassi Institute, and sponsored by former New York Governor George Pataki and his family to give second, third, and fourth generation Hungarians a chance to learn and appreciate their cultural heritage. This program offers Hungarian youth an opportunity of a funded summer excursion to Hungary including […]