It is perhaps one of the most important, yet least-known moments in Canadian history, an event that set out a future of peace when the world was enveloped in conflict and despair. In early August, 1941, just off the tiny town of Ship Harbour in Newfoundland’s Placentia Bay, two of the giants of the 20th […]

Greece Ancient Tomb

Archaeologists in Greece have discovered a vast tomb that they believe is connected with the reign of the warrior-king Alexander the Great, who conquered vast swathes of the ancient world between Greece and India. The tomb, dating to around 300 BC, may have held the body of one of Alexander’s generals or a member of his […]

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Documents from Oxford University’s Griffith Institute which shed light on the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb have gone on display to the public, many for the first time in their history. The items, including paintings, journals, maps and photographs, are part of the Ashmolean Museum’s summer exhibition, Discovering Tutankhamun, which opens today (24 July). Alongside ancient […]


Although Pakistan has only been independent since 1947, the area of which Pakistan now constitutes has been home to many ancient civilization dating back thousands of years. Makli is an incredible Unesco Heritage site in Pakistan located along the Indus River, where its necropolis has been a pilgrimage site since the mid-14th century and a major […]


The history of human culture was captured in a five-minute video created by Cultsci.net. Or was it? The video maps the movement of notable figures in history over the past two millennia. In so doing, it professes to have created a visual of the entire pattern of human culture. The video map was created by […]


The countries of the former Eastern bloc are full of abandoned monuments to the “glory” of the Soviet Union. Risking arrest and radiation, photographer Rebecca Litchfield took a road trip through the ruined hospitals, barracks, prisons and spy stations to produce a haunting ghost story in bricks and mortar.   http://www.theguardian.com/culture/gallery/2014/jul/10/soviet-ghosts-an-empire-in-decay-in-pictures

Map pre and post WWI

“ON JULY 28th 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, beginning the first world war. In the following four years, millions would lose their lives. What else changed? Economies shrank, stagnated and hyperinflated. It took over a decade for the German economy to recover to its size in 1913. Industry was weakened across Europe. As the continent splurged […]